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ExpressVPN I will use his opportunity, and my friend just wanted to try the most powerful VPN in the legend, so share the test with me.

After the test, I think I can recommend it to everyone, and many people have asked me how to register, so I am finishing this one.

This article will take you step by step to register, download, install, and use, even if the English is not good, there will be no problems, then let’s start.

Why choose ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is the most famous VPN in the world. It is either the first or the second in any online reviews. It is almost a globally recognized VPN.

And when I use it, I find that its functions and network speed are very excellent, plus the professionalism of the customer service and the very fast response speed.

If you are a heavy VPN user, in addition to security, you want to have the most stable and fastest network speed, then you will never regret choosing ExpressVPN, and now there is a special discount of 15% for one year of purchase!

ExpressVPN registration purchase method

Step 1

Click on the ExpressVPN official website link to buy, now you can save 35% for one year
After entering the official website, click the red button “Get ExpressVPN”

Step 2

First choose a plan that suits you. If you use it frequently, I will recommend a one-year plan, which is usually the cheapest.

And if you are not satisfied for 30 months, you can replace it unconditionally, and you can try it with peace of mind.

Step 3

After choosing a plan, enter your email below.

note! It is best to write an email to you, and finally send you an email to set your password. If you can’t receive it, you can only find online customer service.

Step 4

Choose the method you want to pay. There are currently supported credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrency, Alipay, UnionPay, Deal and other methods to pay, should be able to meet most of the payment methods, but unfortunately there is no Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Here I choose to pay by credit card. After filling in the relevant information, confirm the amount is no problem and press Continue to complete the payment.

Step 5

After payment is completed, you will receive an email immediately.

First go to the E-mail account you just registered to see if you have received the letter. If not, you may have to wait a moment, or flip through the spam mailbox.

Once you find this email, click “Set ExpressVPN” to get an activation code that can be used to start your device.

Registration and purchase is here, let’s continue to install the program.

ExpressVPN registration purchase method

Step 1

First go to the email to find this message from ExpressVPN, and then click “Set ExpressVPN”

There is an activation code on this screen, so you will use this to start, you can copy it first, and you will use it later.

Then we first click “download” to download the installer of expressvpn

Step 2

Go to the download file box and click to install expressvpnSetup.exe

After installation, go to this screen and press login directly

Step 3 (skip to the next step if not encountered)

You may encounter the need to install .NET Framework, do not be afraid to click “I have read” to continue the installation

If you have installed the .NET Framework, you will need to restart it. It is okay to restart it directly. After booting, it will automatically continue to continue to install.

Step 4 (skip to the next step if not encountered)

Next, you may encounter ExpressVPN network interface card, just install it.

Step 5

Most of you will need to enter the activation code directly to this screen. If you just copied the serial number, you can paste it directly. If not, go back to the screen you just downloaded, copy the activation code, then paste it and press continue.

Step 6

Come to the two screens, you can decide the price, if not special, press OK

This screen is to tell you whether to execute the program after booting, and the connection screen will pop up (but VPN will not be connected).

This screen is to ask you if you want to automatically reward problems that occur during use, such as when you can’t connect or the program is abnormal.

Step 7

Finally, the main interface is the screen. If there is no special need, just to protect your network information, you can directly press the connect button in the middle.

Usually it will directly connect you to the nearest server. Just connect to the server to complete the VPN connection.

Step 8

If you want to jump to other countries, you can click the function key> VPN Locations in the upper left corner, click the country you want to connect directly, or use the search bar to type the English of the country (you can use Google to translate it and paste it in).

For example, if I want to go to Japan to watch the animation, fill in the search field in Japan and click the country, then I can connect.

Enter Japan in the search field and click the country.

ExpressVPN is not too complicated to register or use, especially the way to bring in the authentication code via e-mail is really fast.

The user interface is simple and generous, in fact, it is very intuitive operation.

This article simply teaches you how to register, install and use. I believe you should set it up after reading it and enjoy the free online world together.

If you haven’t purchased ExpressVPN yet, click on the link below to get started!

Please follow the simple video guides below to show you how to install our most recommended VPN – Express. For more info on the best VPN in Singapore, check our homepage.

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