A Guide to Watching Netflix US in Singapore

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— Last Update: April 20, 2022

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Many streaming services allow people to watch a large quantity of videos concurrently, but Netflix adopted the strategy. In addition to allowing its users to watch television shows, Netflix produces its own shows with unlimited access. Over 148 million subscribers across the world use Netflix for streaming.

One fallback to Netflix is that the amount of content available to a subscriber depends on the subscriber’s location. There are at least 60 million American subscribers, so the United States version of Netflix has the greatest collection of television shows available. However, in other countries, such as Singapore, Netflix limits the content library, and there is a solution for those subscribers to access Netflix US.

Content Blocking in Other Countries

Netflix does not own most of the content it has. Netflix purchases the right to stream content from content owners, and the content owners set limitations on who can watch their content.

  • A person may only view the content inside of a specific country rather than all countries where streaming is allowed. Each country has its own copyright laws and content licensing factors that may prevent people from viewing content.
  • The content owner exclusively sells their content to a streaming service for a region. For instance, a service such as Prime Video can purchase rights to stream content in Singapore, and this prevents Netflix from being able to stream the same content in that country.
  • A content’s demand in a region can affect its availability. If a title has no demand in Singapore, then Netflix will not buy the right to stream it since Netflix cannot profit from it.
  • The title may violate a country’s rules and laws.
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The Content Difference between Netflix in the US and Singapore

Unogs is a platform that allows you to search for all titles on Netflix. Based on a country title assessment, Singapore has about 4,889 titles, and Netflix US has 5,810 titles, which is a deficit of 921 titles. However, some titles are limited to Singapore, which indicates that more than 921 American titles are excluded from Singapore.

Using a Netflix VPN

It is not illegal to unblock content on Netflix with a VPN since it is not video piracy. However, Netflix can close your account since unblocking content with a VPN is contrary to the terms of service.

To prevent subscribers from using a VPN to unblock content, Netflix has developed an algorithm that senses the usage of a VPN and forbids access to Netflix. To regain access to Netflix, you would need to turn off your VPN, which will prevent you from viewing the American titles on Netflix.

How a VPN Unblocks Content

A VPN masks your IP address by assigning you a new one. When you use a VPN, you choose a server that you want to connect to, which will be an American server so that you can watch American titles.

The server becomes the relay to serve content to you from the internet. When you make a request, Netflix does not directly receive the request. Instead, the request is sent to the server so that it can allocate your IP address. Afterwards, your masked request is sent to Netflix with the impression that you are in the United States.

Express VPN

VPN Singapore has tested several different VPNs for compatibility with unblocking content in Singapore. Many tested VPNs were discovered to be blocked by Netflix, but Express VPN has succeeded in eluding Netflix’s VPN detector. If one of Express VPN’s servers is detected, the server automatically changes to one that has not already been blocked by Netflix.

Device Compatibility

Express VPN works on multiple devices, and you can configure it through your router so that all your devices can stream Netflix. It works on gaming consoles, Windows, Mac, Linux and smart TVs.


Server Speeds

Network speeds typically decline with a VPN due to encryption and rerouting, but Express VPN has negligible speed disturbances, which makes it viable for streaming.


Server Locations

Express VPN provides 28 locations that you can choose from, which gives decreases the risk of Netflix blacklisting any particular location.


Refund Availability

Express VPN lets you test the product for up to 30 days with a guaranteed refund. If you have problems, you can request customer support. Customer support is virtually always available, and the VPN’s agents can quickly resolve issues.


Anonymous Encryption

Express VPN has servers in multiple countries, which means you can unblock Netflix in those countries. All servers uses an encrypted connection with OpenVPN protocol and AES 256-bit encryption. This type of connection gives you privacy and security from hackers.


Netflix has a wide expanse of content, but some content is limited to certain countries. Until each country’s library can have as much content as the American library, the use of a VPN is necessary for unblocking content, and Express VPN is currently the most suitable one.