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About me

I am Vincent Liu

Hey, everyone! I’m Vincent Liu. I created this site to help people find the best VPNs in Singapore. I realize that there are a lot of choices out there and maintaining your privacy is of huge importance for us Singaporeans.

I made this site to help some of my friends and also as a tech project in my 2nd year at Nanyang Tech University.

I apologize for my terrible English! ūüôĀ

Avoid Free VPNS

Don’t Have Your Info Sold to 3rd Parties

I would strongly recommend not utilizing free VPNS servers for some simple reasons. User data is routed through a central hub that collects and aggregates information. This information is then sold to 3rd parties. User information is commoditized and sold to pay for the ‚Äúfree‚ÄĚ VPN. If you‚Äôre not looking to spend money on a VPN, I would suggest simply not using one.

Why You Need a VPN

Top 5 reasons to use VPN

VPNS are essential to online security. Without VPN protection your personal information is literally out there for anyone to steal.

Copy of Being keen traveler

11.5% of clients run VPNs for traveling.

Best in-game experience

Improve lag and reduce ping by using a faster server connection

Watch Netflix anytime

You can easily access Netflix shows from all around the world.

Keeping your downloading secret

Give you privacy online, which in most cases gives you privacy and no one can see what you are downloading

Protecting yourself on public Wi-Fi

Having an app on the devices you use to connect to a public network will provide you with this encryption on-the-go.

Why do I need a VPN for Singapore?

Observers around the world have cried foul on some governments attempt on censuring Internet usage. This means that governmental institutions around the world are trying and succeeding in collecting data from their constituents from the latter’s internet usage. Said attempts are not exclusive to the realms of secrecy as governments are legitimizing the collection of Internet data through legislation.

image showing a firewall and a hacker being stopped

The collected data ranges from benign information generated when an individual looks up the best schools in the area to private and sensitive messages to love ones or business dealers with corporate secrets on the line.

The Goal of This Website

In my second year of my post graduate studies I become interested in blockchain technology and Internet security and privacy. With several of my professors and classmates we tested ISPs throughout Singapore and even went around to over 100+ wifi locations including WPA protected networks and attempted to “hack” into the network.

The results we’re pretty scary, we could easily get into over 67% of networks within 10 minutes and we were by no means skilled. It was then that I realized the importance of Internet privacy and started this website to help inform people in Singapore about how to protect themselves and their families online.

How I Choose These VPNs

It was pretty simple. We tested based on three metrics.

  • Speed – How fast can you download, surf the web or access the services. My top pick is good for watching Netflix or any other US based streaming service.
  • Security – We didn’t even include 1/2 of the providers our there as the log your records. Total security is our goal.
  • Price – Express VPN is slightly more expensive but you simply can’t even come close to the quality and security that they offer.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to email me at vincent@nextchain.com. ūüôā

The Best VPN services today

1. Express VPN – Fastest/Secure VPN

Servers: 3,000 +
Speeds: Unlimited
VPN locations: 160 in 94 countries
Maximum devices supported: 5
24/7 live chat: Yes
30 day money back guarantee: Yes

Visit Expressvpn.com

The Express VPN makes a case as one of the best VPN providers in the market. The custom software in this thing is very intuitive. Meaning new would-be users will not have a hard time in utilizing such tool. Of course, technical users will also have a good time in using the ExpressVPN because, while its interface is user friendly, it also has in-depth tools.

You can connect from hundreds of locations by picking your IP address. 

Express VPN is compatible with almost all devices. It has software compatible with the following:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • IOS

Or on these devices below. ūüôā

The plethora of compatible devices with ExpressVPN means that said program is accessible to all would-be customers with a plethora of devices.

The ExpressVPN is also no slouch in terms of performance. Said program offers lighting quick performance meaning that no noticeable lags can be observed. This quick performance is only rivaled by VyperVPN. Like the VyperVPN, the Express VPN has 24/7 customer service. This feature allows customers to immediately ask questions about any defects in the program that they may encounter. Good customer service will always be one of the hallmarks of a good product and ExpressVPN has it working round the clock to satisfy its customers.  Fret not if you are an unsatisfied customer because ExpressVPN has a generous 30-day, no-quibble, money-back guarantee.

The main purpose of ExpressVPN is, of course, to protect your data while you are surfing the internet. ExpressVPN is able to secure your data by putting up a robust encryption. They couple that with the no usage logs capability, meaning that ExpressVPN would not be able to keep tabs on your activities and would not be able to divulge sensitive metadata on your part if ever their infrastructure is hacked. (See the discussion on metadata above)

ExpressVPN has a whopping 94 servers around the globe. This would translate to better speeds because the number of servers available means that you are never too far from the nearest server connected with ExpressVPN.

As mentioned above, any VPN‚Äôs strength will be tested against firewalls raised by governments with China‚Äôs Great Firewall as a concrete example. Users in China will have¬†no worries in using ExpressVPN within the territory¬†because of ExpressVPN‚Äôs secret ‚Äúhidden‚ÄĚ server/servers are located in¬†Hong Kong. The makers of Express VPN has also anticipated the usage of said programs to break the territorial barriers that Netflix has. For example, you want to use a VPN for Netflix in Singapore because the good shows are only available for US-based users,¬†ExpressVPN has you covered with the Smart Domain Name System¬†(DNS) service is included in all of the accounts on their service. It¬†allows streaming services like Netflix¬†to work perfectly.

A good bonus feature provided by the guys behind ExpressVPN is the ability to be compatible with peer-to-peer connections or Torrents. This is something that VyperVPN lacks.


Unlimited downloading
24/7 customer support and service
30 day money-back guarantee inspires confidence from the makers
The Smart Domain Name System allows or seamless and fast streaming online
Secure encryption and no logs feature means complete anonymity and protection while surfing the internet


Aggregate connection logs may occur

2. NordVPN – Great Value And No Data Caps

Servers: 5,018+
Speeds: Unlimited
VPN locations: 62 countries
Maximum devices supported: 5
24/7 live chat: Yes
30 day money back guarantee: Yes

Visit Nordvpn.com

NordVPN provides a fast and highly secure internet connection. The company uses a military grade of encryption.

The Best Provider for Data Encryption

Your privacy is secure and protected by NordVPN’s obfuscated servers, and these serve to hide the VPN usage. Additionally, it blocks ads and malware. Chrome browser extensions and other offerings are available, such as Firefox and Android TV.

NordVPN provides access to most Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux apps. A maximum of six devices can be connected with one login. Over 5,200 servers operate within 60 countries and also the Republic of Singapore. The provider’s connection service is fast extremely reliable. There is even more good news because there are no caps on data usage to contend with.


Premier security and privacy standards
Reliable connection at a reasonable price
24/7 chat and email support service is available.
Comprehensive online support library
Their global server coverage is expansive.
Top-notch support for apps, browsers and routers
Smooth connection to practically all of the popular app platforms


Some apps can be a bit more challenging for beginners.e

Users agree that NordVPN is a good value at the right price. The global reach of the NordVPN server aptly meets the needs of most users.

3. Vpyr VPN – Most trusted VPN

Servers: 200,000+
Speeds: Unlimited
VPN locations: 70 countries
Maximum devices supported: 5
24/7 live chat: Yes
30 day money back guarantee: Yes

Visit Vyprvpn.com

VyperVPN is ranked number two by this list for many reasons. Arguably the number one reason is that VyperVPN owns and control its whole network. This property is very rare in the VPN world.  VyperVPN assures that its users will be fully protected from third party intrusions by owning all the pits and stops within the network that you will be using. This means that your data will not be hosted by other servers. Instead, your data will only be hosted by servers owned and operated by VyperVPN.

Another benefit of having the arrangement stated above is that the connection speeds will be fast. Most VPN users will complain because VPN’s usually curtails the connection speed by one reason or another.  VyperVPN will deliver excellent speeds and will even offer dedicated IP servers for a cost.

Best Choice for Netflix Vpn in Singapore

Also, VyperVPN does not have any restrictions in the data used so you will have virtually unlimited download and streaming capability here. Coupled with fast internet connections, the VyperVPN is arguably the best VPN for streaming.

VyperVPN is also mobile friendly and is arguably the best VPN for mobile phone. The guys behind this VPN are so confident of their product that they have a 30 days money-back guarantee if you do not like the performance of their product.

A true test of any VPN’s capabilities is its ability to defeat government firewalls. The Great Firewall of China is one of the most famous examples. VyperVPN has the Chameloen Stealth Technology that is specifically designed to defeat the Great Firewall of China. So, just activate this exclusive VyperVPN ability if you are travelling to China.

The VyperVPN cost 6.67 dollars a month. Arguably, the VyperVPN is the best valueVPN because of price making it one of the cheapest VPNs in Singapore. About the only down side of this is that i does not allow torrenting.


Unlimited downloading and streaming.
Servers owned by VyperVPN are located in over 70 countries
30- day Money-back Guarantee
Can connect up to three devices
Easy to use apps and programs for every device compatible with VyperVPN
Chameleon Technology defeats data throttling and blocking, even in China
Live support is available, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
Super-fast internet connection
 Servers used are all owned by VyperVPN, ensuring tight security
Accepts a wide array of payment mediums like AliPay
NAT Firewall is included in the package.
VyprDNS ‚Äď Zero-Knowledge DNS is also included, it specifically helps i combatting censorship
Overall optimization of security processes and protocols to ensure that VyperVPN users are protected by third parties


Lack of datanodes for Russia and China

4. Cyber Ghost – Good Value / Multiple devices

Servers: 6300+
Speeds: Unlimited
VPN locations: 110 countries
Maximum devices supported: 7
24/7 live chat: Yes
30 day money back guarantee: 45 days

Visit Cyberghostvpn.com

Arguably having one of the most, if not the most, servers available worldwide is the CyberGhost VPN. CyberGhost has over 800 servers available for its customers. This means that it is virtually impossible for a user to be too far away from a CyberGhost server (Unless said user is in the middle of the sea or Antarctica).

CyberGhost also has no bandwidth-limit, allowing users to exploit the internet without limit. This feature is especially suiting for serial online streamers. This feature is aptly paired with the fast connection that CyberGhost guarantees. 800 servers will guarantee. Together, the twin features of unlimited bandwidth and fast connection speeds will drastically improve the viewing experience of so called ‚Äúserial streamers‚ÄĚ.

The makers of CyberGhost have clearly made a study of the demographic of its potential customers because its program or app is replete with ‚Äúfunky‚ÄĚ elements causing the interface to have a modern feel. The interface in question will surely mesh with the millennials that may want a bit of anonymity i the internet. Mostly, these millennials will just want access to shows and games that are otherwise unreachable because of pay walls and geographical locks as in the case of Netflix.

The makers of CyberGhost are based in both Germany and Romania. The latter location is significant because the Romanians have an affinity for a more open environment in the realm of internet. The evolution of Internet Service Providers in Romania is unique because it was the general populace of Romania who created the internet infrastructure. The ISP’s belatedly bought the existing infrastructure and, even to this day, the internet plans in Romania are cheap. Like the Romanians, CyberGhost is one of the biggest contributors to civil rights movements especially those of free Internet and uncensored data.


Unlimited downloading and streaming.
No logs guarantee means that customers are secured from third party intrusions
More than 6300 servers worldwide means that customers will never be far away from the infrastructure
Multiple usage on up to 7 devices
The people behind CyberGhost is committed to a free internet


Ad blocker is not performing well
International server connection is slow

5. IP Vanish – OK Choice/Slow Unreliable Speed

Servers: 1,400+
Speeds: Unlimited
VPN locations: 75 countries
Maximum devices supported: Unlimited
24/7 live chat: Yes
30 day money back guarantee: Yes

As the name suggest, IPVanish focuses in hiding the identity as well as the trace of its users in the internet. To paraphrase that, IPVanish is a highly renowned company that is known for its great privacy credentials. One of the main selling points of IPVanish is that said VPN provider keeps no records of its users logs. This means that the metadata of its users are safe because no trace will surface in the records (see the discussion on Metadata above).

Another excellent feature that IPVanish has is its ability to accept payments via Bitcoin. As discussed above, Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that allows users the anonymity in buying stuff through the internet. Pairing the acceptance of bitcoins and the powerful IPVanish will literally make your transactions ‚Äúvanish‚ÄĚ in the face of the Earth because of the intensive precautions that are automatically taken when the two processes are present.

IPVanish also have DNS leak protection to pair up with its ‚Äúno-logs‚ÄĚ capability. The two features allow IPVanish to give superior protection against third party intrusions. The users of IPVanish need all the protection that they can get because IPVanish is based in the US. This means that American goverment institutions, like the NSA, will have an easier time in subjecting the IPVanish infrastructure to its discerning eyes. That is why the people behind IPVanish see to it that its defenses are up to date and enough to resist third party intrusions.

Peer-to-peer connections or Torrent are also compatible with IPVanish.


Unlimited downloading and streaming.
Strong protection from third party intrusions by virtue of its no-logs feature and DNS leak protection
IPVanish can accept payments in Bitcoin
Smart DNS gives smooth streaming
Multiple devices are supported as well as simultaneous connections


Located in US
Bad customer support

VPN Basic

What can you do to protect yourself from data theft ?


There are many ways to protect oneself from the intrusion of internet data gatherers. Encryption systems are plenty in the marketplace. Encryptions basically put barriers in any given data so that it will be protected from outside intrusions. Encrypted data is opened by encryption keys. Said keys can be available to the end user. This is called end-to-end encryption.

image showing how encryption works

The downside for this approach is that organizations seeking data will immediately flock towards individuals or organizations that are using encryptions just like robbers who are attracted towards banks. The logic here is that someone who is taking all the measures to hide something must have something valuable. For example, NSA usually collects data from American citizens and non-American nationals alike by the bulk and usually discards a huge amount of it because most information is benign. However, encrypted data are kept until such time that they are decoded.


HTTPS or HTTP Secure is also used by internet sites to keep online business transactions safe. This is the reason why online banking is now prevalent. HTTPS is an end-to-end encryption system that has been in use for at least 20 years. Said encryption protects online transactions from data hunters and online thieves alike.

image of how ssl works

There is a stark contrast when one is browsing an unsecured website versus a secured one. An individual browsing an unsecure website allows third parties to observe the former’s activities in said website unabated. A secured website would disallow third parties from knowing the activities of an individual in said website but third parties will still know that that individual has accessed that particular website.

Free Open Source Software

Observers have noted the rise of coercion from government institutions to mainstream software developers to install backdoors. Said backdoors will enable prying eyes to stealthily spy upon individuals and their internet data. Said institutions can coerce said software developers because the former can dictate and withhold business certificates that are necessary to the operation of the latter.

The solution to this problem is to use the so called Free Open Source Software. This kind of software, as the name would imply, are free to use and are developed in the open. The codes necessary for FOOS systems are out in the open and being continuously developed by programmers worldwide. This means that the codes are usually monitored publicly and any backdoors are quickly expunged. However, government agents could have easily infiltrated the ranks of individual developers and may have compromised some FOSS systems. Nevertheless, FOSS systems can be safer than mainstream software with regards with the possibility of backdoor codes.


Banks are a bastion of security and with good reason. Breaches on bank security will reflect badly on them and they can lose customers if it happens. More so with banks that offers online banking. Hackers hunting for an easy buck will always try to pry open the figurative walls that protects the online transactions. As a rule, banks are usually safe unless its defenses are defeated.

Bitcoin is usually the answer for individuals who want to take an extra mile on online transaction safety. The Bitcoin is a new kind of currency which is called a crypto-currency and appears only in the realm of computers and the internet. Its long term viability is still in suspect, as critics have assailed its erratic value over the years which are usually a marker of instability.  However, even critics cannot assail the anonymity that the Bitcoin provides although said anonymity is not absolute.

Is it enough?

The precautions stated above will help in securing your data and transactions in the internet. However, as stated in the HTTPS section, the encryption will only prevent third parties from knowing your activities in a particular website but said parties will still know that you have visited that particular state. This kind of data is called metadata.

Metadata is generally defined as a set of data that describes other data. In the example given above, third parties will now the frequency of the visits you enact to a particular set of websites. Third parties can piece together your personality by listing said frequencies without even knowing your exact activities in aforementioned websites. Enough metadata can virtually expose anything if the third party or government institution in this instance focused in building up the online personality of any individual.

How can one stop the flow of one’s metadata?

One can use Virtual Private Networks in ensuring that the access of one’s metadata is restricted. In fact, Internet Services Providers will have a hard time in collecting metadata if the end user uses a VPN. This is very important because ISP’s are one of the main sources of data for government institutions. Like mainstream software developers, Internet Service Providers are easily coerced by said government institutions to give the latter some access to data including metadata.

image showing a firewall in Singapore

Using the TOR network can also help in achieving true anonymity in the internet. Basically, the TOR network connects a lot of computers together (as the name would allude). The sender’s computer does not send the message (or data) immediately to the receiver’s but through a series of severs. Each transfer will re-encrypt the message or data. This technique will make sure that the data will be untraceable and hard to crack.

VPN versus TOR

Both the Virtual Private Network and the TOR Network will ensure almost 100 percent anonymity when using the internet. So the question here is which you should use. The TOR Network is arguably the more powerful of the two choices juxtaposed here. However, TOR is cumbersome to use in day to day surfing. Say, you just want to surf NETFLIX. Activating the TOR will be impractical if this will be the usage. It will be better to use VPN for Netflix in Singapore for example.

What are VPN’s?

Virtual Private Networks are systems put in place to ensure that your internet connection is secure. Basically, it allows a user to use an internet connection while ensuring his/her anonymity. This is very important nowadays as information is easily accessible and that means that our private data is also easily gained by other individuals and/or organizations.

By the way, Virtual Private Networks are perfectly legal in most countries. Major companies need VPN’s to ensure that their lines of communications amongst themselves and with others are secure. Its usage is not limited to individuals hoping go around barriers place around torrent sites.

image of a Singaporean VPN

For those who have trust issues, most VPN providers are trustworthy because trust is the name of the game in VPN business. Any VPN provider who tries to trick customers with a scheme or fails to provide sufficient security will lose customers fast. But would-be customers must still be careful because fake VPN apps and programs are plenty in the market. Some would take your hard-earned cash and do nothing Worse; some are actually hackers just waiting for a clueless would-be customer.

The VPN’s listed below are established brands. You can’t go wrong with any of the VPN brands listed below. Of course, as with any competition, one VPN brand has all the qualities that one might expect from a top-notch product. Continue reading and asses if you agree with the assessment here.

How to start using VPN Singapore?

This would be the question for most. How do you start using a Virtual Private Network. Fret not because most VPN providers have user friendly programs that are easily deployable. Most VPN have user friendly custom software that goes with to ensure that new users will not have a hard time in using their products.

Phone users have it better in the realm of user-friendly programs because mobile apps are very easy to use. VPN’s for mobile phones do exist and they are very useful if you use your phone as your main driver, rather than a laptop or computer which could be cumbersome sometimes if all you want to do is download bootleg videos while maintaining anonymity. However, Mobile VPN’s are arguably a tad less powerful than their computer-based brethren because some mobile apps do send regular reports separate to their own respective servers. The best way to circumvent this is avoid using the custom apps and use the mobile browser available in each mobile, although this could be cumbersome for many.

Listed below are the top 5 VPN’s of 2022. The top one will be listed first while the next 4 will be listed randomly and their placing in the list will not mean anything. Only the first one is ranked according to the arrangement of this list.

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