How to Use Netflix in Singapore

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— Last Update: April 20, 2022

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Netflix is one of the best sources of movies and series across the internet. The relatively cheap subscription fee and the robust list of titles work together to create the, arguably, best streaming service across the globe.

The best part is that Netflix supports many devices and is compatible with almost any type of operating system. This means that those who uses macbooks or devices with iOS can avail the services of Netflix. Windows PC and Android users can also utilize the humongous library of titles that are provided by Netflix. Apple TV and Linux users are also within its supported devices and systems.

Also, Netflix is available in almost every country in the world with the notable exceptions of Syria, China and North Korea. Netflix has only one website which is

The problem arises when you are not living inside US. For example, viewers situated in Singapore might not have the same expansive library of titles like those in America. This presents a problem because those in Singapore cannot view some/much of the coveted titles that are available elsewhere. This is problematic because back here in Singapore, Netflix is one of the main sources of the latest movies and series. This situation is caused by regional restrictions that Netflix employs to its content.

So what do we do? We turn to VPN’s

Virtual Private Network


Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s are connections (coupled with software) that enables a user to utilize the Internet without being disturbed or spied upon by others. The best analogy is that the Internet is a network of highways. The data moving through said highway is represented by cars. Cars move along the highways but their movements can be observed by others. In this example, a VPN is akin to an underground tunnel under the exclusive use of its owner. Cars can pass by and go to their destinations without being seen.

A VPN can also pierce through the regional blocks being employed by Netflix because of the qualities implied above. However, choosing the right VPN can be difficult because of the immense resources of Netflix. Netflix employs a software that allows it to detect VPN’s and subsequently block them and their intended effects.

To be sure, a VPN is not only used to circumvent the regional/territorial restrictions employed by Netflix. VPN’s are also used to obscure and/or hide your internet from prying eyes like government agencies and ISP’s who wants collect data and give it to advertisers. VPN’s are also a sure fire way to protect yourself against hackers who intend to spy on you for gain or otherwise.

  • Servers: 3,000 +
  • Speeds: Unlimited
  • VPN locations: 160 in 94 countries
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What is Netflix Again?

A Guide to Watching Netflix US in Singapore|vpnsingapore

For the uninitiated, Netflix is an American company that is highly successful within the streaming industry. As mentioned above, most of the catalogue within Netflix is available to its American subscribers. The obvious reason for this is quite simple, Netflix is an American company and therefore has focused and fine-tuned its services for its home country. Of course, as mentioned above, Netflix has spread to almost every country in the world.

Regional Bans and Restrictions

It has already been mentioned that Netflix employs regional restrictions. The reason for such measure is the scope of the territory that Netflix caters to. Most countries only allow certain companies to stream and broadcast content within their territories. As such, foreign companies face some restrictions in entering and streaming their content.

This also means that Netflix must change the contents of their movies, ever slightly, for every country so that said content will be compatible with the laws of every country. They must also team up with local content providers to ensure comparability and must change or restrict their content to appease/be compatible with said local content providers.

The crackdown on VPN’s

Netflix poured in more money to stop the circumvention of regional restrictions caused by VPN’s. To be exact, this action by Netflix happened on January 2016. Netflix focused its IT arm against VPN’s because of one trait that enables it to circumvent said restrictions. A person who uses a VPN can make it appear like he/she is accessing the services of Netflix in another region. Perhaps, a Netflix user from Singapore can make it appear like he/she is accessing Netflix in America in order to access the immense catalog that is unavailable to Singapore.

As such, most VPN’s that work prior to January 2016 will no longer work today. Netflix is known to have one of the best optimized software pertaining to detecting and blocking VPN usage against its services. This means that the choices in the VPN market has been limited of your aim is to circumvent the regional restrictions employed by Netflix. Luckily, some VPN providers has adopted to the challenge.

Express VPN

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There are many VPN’s that provide quality service to its customers. However, Netflix’s strict policy against VPN usage has trimmed down the choices for Singaporeans. One VPN who has weathered down the challenge is Express  VPN.

Express VPN retains the ability to circumvent the regional restrictions. It is also one of the fastest VPN in the world, with its services notable in Germany, US and Canada. Speed is important because VPN’s tend to slow down the connection because the data is diverted to a more secure connection. However, said problem is not shared by users using Express VPN. Said VPN can also be used in Singapore.

Some occasions will deter you from circumventing the regional restrictions even when using Express VPN. For those occasions, allow the ever reliable support to help you.

Using Express VPN

Express VPN is very easy to use. The following steps are needed to ensure that said VPN is working.

  • Sign up for the services of Express VPN in
  • Select one of the available server locations in the US.
  • Log in with your Netflix account

That last bit is important. An Express VPN account does not come with a free Netflix account. You’ll have to get that on your own.

Some VPN providers allot users a specific amount of bandwidth. Said provider may withhold its services after said bandwidth limit is exhausted and await for further payment. The same is not true for Express VPN. Express VPN allows for unlimited bandwidth and can even defeat the throttling being employed by ISP’s who also employ limited bandwidth.